Scout Coffee: San Luis Obispo

Photo by: Hayley Sakae
Nestled on an alley-like street in downtown San Luis Obispo is Scout Coffee, a coffee shop where one is mesmerized simply by its visual aesthetic. With exposed brick, open-concept espresso bar and gifts to purchase, one can’t help but to fall in love with the place.

Scout has been recognized by The New York Times and Sunset magazine, and it is immediately apparent why. As soon as you walk through the doorway, you are greeted by friendly employees and a clean, relaxing environment. It’s not hard to visit Scout multiple times in one week to do homework and enjoy the vibes. The experience gets better each time.

According to Aaryn Ashworth who has been working at Scout for over two years, everything on the menu is made in-house and they are very conscious about what ingredients they use. The owners, Jon and Sara Peterson, are extremely involved in the roasting process. They solely use coffee from their locally owned and operated roasting company in San Luis Obispo called Honey Co. Coffee Roasters. Honey Co. ships wholesale and people from anywhere can order online.

It’s obvious that the employees love their job and are very knowledgeable about their product. There is huge respect for Scout’s owners and the customers that the employees get to meet. “It’s the community and creating an atmosphere where people can have conversations and have happy coffee time,” said Ashworth. “It’s kind of magical. We created that space and that opportunity.”

It’s kind of magical. We created that space and that opportunity.

Another employee Lauryn has been working in the coffee industry for over four years and was particularly drawn to the Petersons’ ownership of Scout. She is inspired by the coffee industry and how the Petersons started the company and grew its popularity.

“I like learning how they started Scout, opening the new location. I’m really interested in the coffee aspect and the business aspect.”


Photo by: Hayley Sakae
Many locals and Cal Poly students regularly visit the coffee shop, but this is no deterrent to visitors as well. Second year kinesiology major Ryker Wall, a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado, frequents Scout to do homework or read.

“I just really love the atmosphere they have in here. It’s fun and light. Their coffee is super delicious and it just puts me in a happy place,” Wall said.

It is evident why Wall and many other customers repeatedly visit this shop. It has good coffee, good music, and good people–everything that proves valuable in a local spot. This is, quite honestly, one of the best coffee shops San Luis Obispo has to offer.

If you are in the San Luis Obispo area, visit Scout Coffee for a cappuccino (their most popular item), a rad environment and relaxing music like that of Leon Bridges! They are opening a second location on 880 Foothill Boulevard in Spring 2016. This location is in the works and is closer to Cal Poly’s campus if any students have an interest in exploring what Scout has to offer!

Scout Coffee Co. is located on 1130 Garden Street in San Luis Obispo.


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